We are the Distributed Intelligent Systems Lab at the Distributed Systems Section, EWI faculty, TU Delft. We are a newly established lab and work on a wide variety of research problems in distributed machine learning systems.

Out lab is supported by TU Delft, Aegon, ABB Research, Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), and Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO).


  • [02/21] Our paper, Enhancing Robustness of On-line Learning Models on Highly Noisy Data, is accpted in IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
  • [01/21] Our paper, Online Label Aggregation: A Variational Bayesian Approach, is accpted in WWW21
  • [01/21] Our two papers on Multiple Inference of Deep Models on Edge will appear in PerCom2021
  • [12/20] We just received a NWO take-off grant for our project, "Tabular Data Synthesizer"
  • [12/20] Our paper on Practical Analysis of Replication-Based Systems will appear in INFOCOM2021
  • [11/20] Our paper on Courier: Real-Time Optimal Batch Size Prediction for Latency SLOs in BigDL will appear in ICPE21
  • [11/20] Our paper on Federated Learnnig at Heterogeneous Platform will appear in AI/ML special issue of TPDS
  • [11/20] Our paper on Stochastic Optimization for Parallel Sparse Tucker Decomposition will appear in AI/ML special issue of TPDS
  • [08/20] Lydia is invited to be TPC for Usenix ATC 21
  • [10/20] Our paper on Federated Learnnig will appear in TPS20
  • [10/20] Our paper on End-to-End Learning will appear in CogMI20
  • [09/20] Our paper, PipeTune, will appear in Middleware20
  • [08/20] Lydia will serve a TPC co-chair of IC2E21
  • [07/20] Lydia will give a keynote on privacy presserving machine learning systems at ALGOCLOUD20
  • [07/20] Lydia is invited to be TPC for Sigmetrics21
  • [07/20] The lab webpage launched!